Hidraulični servo upravljački sistemi za traktore – Delovi za traktore


Agro-Bis is engaged in wholesale and production of agriculture spare parts. The company was established more than 30 years ago.

Our history is of passion, building know-how and commitment – that is how we work for you.

We currently produce more than 5 000 products. Quality is our first prerogative. We not only produce, but introduce and improve existing products.

We offer not only agricultural spare parts but also design and introduce  power steering units produced in our facility.


products for your tractor

Made out of best possible materials
Experiences workers with passion
100% quality control




polish quality products for your machine

Only polish production
Planning, developing and testing
100% quality control




Engineered by experienced passionates
Best quality components
100% quality testing

Fuel taps

No leakage and durability – and no need for more information :- )


Power steering C-360



Power steering for Vladimirect T-25


With our power steering unit you can rediscover your tractor. Work is much more comfortable and easy.





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