Brau d.o.o. is family owned company specialized in agriculture machinery. We make our clients’ work easier with machines of high quality brands for more than 15 years.

As the only representatives of recognized European brands, such as Sgariboldi, Imants and Schäffer, we cover the area of Slovenia and countries of west Balkan. Our goal is to individually dedicate to the customers and find a machine that best suits their needs.


Spading is more than just turning the soil

From the experience we learned spading is more than just turning soil. Spading means mixing organic material with the living topsoil, incorporating crop residues and creating a seedbed, mixing green manure so it can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop.

The rotating movement of the spade shaft with spades ensures an optimal mixing effect. Beacuse of this, crop residues, manure, compost or green manure can be mixed with the soil into the most biologically active layer so that they can be quickly decomposed.

  • Time saving
  • Good mixing
  • Improves water balance
  • Seedbed in one pass
  • Robus build quality
  • Preserves soil structure
  • Elimination of compactions
  • Fuel saving
  • Cost effective
  • No hard pan
  • All around machine


Imants Series SX (for heavier soils)

Type of soil: SAND, LOAM, CLAY

Models 38, 48, 58


  • min.working depth: 15 cm
  • max.working depth: 35 cm
  • avalable with or without harrow
  • available with or without rippers
  • possible to combine with seeder, culter
  • available also smaller machines (27 and 33)


  • Blades loosen the soil over the entire working witdh
  • mix manure, green manure or plant residues through the most biologically active part of the soil.



Imants WX Series (for lighter soil)


Models 46, 58


  • The most universally used machine
  • Equpped with adjustable ripper legs between the banks
  • The soil is well worked across the full working witdh
  • Available with or without rippers
  • Available with or without harrow


  • Time saving
  • Good mixing
  • Incorporates organic material
  • Improves water balance
  • Fuel saving
  • No hard pan

Culter 3.0 (for all soil types)


  • working witdh: 300 cm
  • working depth: max. 60 cm
  • number of legs: 6
  • hydraulic hitch capacity: 3000 kg
  • max. engine
  • weigh: 880 kg


  • save time
  • save fuel
  • better yeald
  • 3-point hitch
  • Combine tillage methods
  • Higher workrate
  • Better soil structure



Imants 33WX250KH


  • Working width: 250 cm
  • Working debth: 275 cm
  • Number of spades: 6/24
  • Number of rippers: 3
  • Ideal working speed: from 1 to 3,5 km/h
  • Min. needed HP: 75 HP
  • Max. HP: 110 HP
  • Weigh: 1200 kg


  • Good mixing
  • Intensive tilling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Better incorporation of organic material
  • Better water management
  • No plough pan



Imants 58WX300PLH


  • Working width: 300 cm
  • Working depth: 331 cm
  • Number of spades: 6/30
  • Number of rippers: 5
  • Ideal working speed: 9 km/h
  • Min. HP: 230
  • Max. HP: 400
  • Weight: 4100 kg


  • Deepens aerobic
  • Saves fuel
  • Better yeald
  • Removes plowpan
  • Saves time
  • Higher workrate
  • Better soil structure


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