CAWI was established in 1969 in the Netherlands and specialized in the development and production of quality products for the pig farm industry. In 2000 Cawi merged with AHC Staltechniek, also a Dutch and leading company in pig farm equipment. Since then, the company operates under the name ahc cawi Staltechniek. Cawi Pigfarm solutions is the division for farm design and development. In the past 50 years ahc cawi introduced many new products and inventions for modern pig farming. Such as the famous CARAS Feedsystem for grouphousing of weaners and finisher pigs and the ACF TECHNOFEED ”Intelligent feeder” for grouphousing- and individual feeding of sows. CAWI stands for 50 years of technical know-how and proven field experience.

Today, AHC CAWI Staltechniek is well-known as the manufacturer for a complete range of farm- equipment serving the pig and livestock farms. All (housing) systems are durable, strong and animal friendly and comply with latest EU welfare requirements and regulations. Even for organic production. CAWI is able to offer a complete range of equipment, including design for a successful Pig farm. CAWI products distinguish themselves by their high quality, ergonomic and animal-friendly design, and can be devided into four main categories.

  1. Complete line of pig pen equipment for mating and gestation, farrowing, weaning and finishing-pigs.
  2. Complete range of feeders and water supply systems.
  3. Flooring systems for sows, farrowing and Nursery, with manure discharge systems.
  4. Fully automatic or semi-automatic feeding systems and accessories for dry-feeding.

Cawi offers a broad range of feeding systems, from simple delivery/drop systems to fully computerized feeding. These systems can also be controlled from a distance via a modem connection or by Internet. Besides several own developments, Cawi offers nearly everything to optimize the clients’ pig housing. Very often these are own inventions of Cawi, but can also be high-quality products of well-established brands, represented by Cawi. These can be products such as:

  • Weighing equipment pigs/feed;
  • Plastic ceilings, walls and doors;
  • Feed storage bins and Auger transport systems;
  • Feed mixing and dosing equipment;
  • Ventilation systems and equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting systems

Cawi Pigfarm solutions is the only company in the Netherlands offering such a broad range of products and such a wide choice of possibility’s Cawi is not a very large company but operates in several countries world-wide. Recently, the company did projects for Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, China, Canada South Africa and Australia. The company will focus more and more on Eastern Europe and the Balkan region, with its limitless potential.

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