For thirty years, AGRICO s.r.o. has been the leading supplier of stable echnologies for pig farming and fattening in the Czech Republic. Its products are

exported worldwide through a network of incorporated subsidiaries. To ensure pig farming and breeding complies with the increasing legislative requirements

for housing, hygiene and other requirements, it is necessary to implement the

relevant associated pig farming technologies to achieve optimum results. Agrico s.r.o. possesses the long-term experience and know-how to support this, supplying, for example, a whole range of feeding and watering technologies. Since the company´s inception in 1991, the company has continuously extended its range of products, which now includes ventilation systems, fencing, granaries, mixing plants for mixing feed, large capacity manure slurry tanks and machinery

for its economical application. Manure slurry, which is a convenient fertiliser, has been the focus of the company´s expertise from the start. Within this context, the complexity, range and quality of the company´s products puts it at the forefront of European companies in the field. Agrico s.r.o. also caters for poultry and other livestock in various environments, as well as for horses. The company can come up with comprehensive solutions for the processing and storage of grain crops for its customers. As Agrico s.r.o. is based in Třeboň, which is in the heart of the picturesque South Bohemia fish farming area, the company also supplies top-quality fishing and fish breeding equipment and accessories, from automated feeding systems to fishing vessels.

Complete equipment for house livestock breeding (pigs, cattle, poultry, fish)

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Ing. Michal Karmazín

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