Beer from Benešov

Since 1897 we have been brewing beer which is honest and prepared according to the original recipes. This is a continuation of the tradition that the founder of the brewery, Archduke Franz Ferdinand d´Este, has already come up with. Under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Benešov brewery was unparalleled, and the local beer gained fame throughout its region.

For over 120 years we have been proud to bring a product of the highest quality. We use Saaz hops and our own malt from the floor malting house, of which there are only a few in the Czech Republic. Our beer is bottom fermented and matures in lager cellars. We give plenty of care and attention to the golden beverage, we are not in a hurry during production. Everything is done in a way, so that František Ferdinand d´Este himself would be proud of us.

Traditional brewing methods

Unhurried and undiluted

Bottom fermented, ageg in cellars, valued by experts


Výčepní pivo světlé 10 % /Draught pale beer 10 %


Speciální pivo světlé Max 11 % / Pale lager Max 11 %


Tmavý ležák 11 % / Dark Lager 11 %


Ležák světlý PREMIUM 12 % / Pale Lager Beer Premium 12 %

Bezlepkový ležák světlý Premium 12 % / Gluten-free Pale Lager Premium 12 %


Silné polotmavé pivo Sedm kulí 13 % / Strong semi-dark beer Sedm kulí 13 %


Speciální pivo světlé d ´Este 15 % / Strong Lager 15 % d‘Este


Bezlepkové nealkoholické světlé 0,5 % / Non-alcoholic gluten-free pale lager


Kontakt informacije:
Táborská 306, 256 01 Benešov, Central Bohemia 25601, Češka

Contact person during the fair

Name: Marian Melo

Phone number: +420771137633