Arkop’s business lines

We are the undisputed leader in the domestic feed production market. We also cooperate with a number of long-term customers in international markets. Arkop’s main lines of business are: Feed Additives and Fertilizers.

Arkop’s offer is complemented by extensive experience and achievements in the fields of Industrial Chemicals and Metallurgy.

Company highlights
We have been active in the feed and fertilizer industry since 1992. Our objective is to manufacture fertilizers deriving the very best nature has to offer… For this reason, our extensive product range entails the latest developments in biotechnology, in particular top-grade chelates.

As a result of our close long-term cooperation with scientific institutes and universities, we have manufactured proven and effective products. We constantly monitor our production process and incorporate the requisite modifications in striving to continue enhancing our offer and aligning it to our customers’ needs and expectations.

The Arkop brand name is synonymous with high quality because of our close cooperation with scientific institutes and universities and our innovative technology based on proprietary research and experience. As a result, all our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and environmental protection adopted in the European Union. Currently, we cooperate with customers from around the world.

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Kolejowa 34A, Bukowno, 32-332, Poljska
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