Mašine i uređaji za klanice – Mašine i oprema za preradu mesa

Machines and equipment for slaughter-houses – Meat processing machines and equipment


Company BONNER Ltd. is located near the town of Karlovo, Plovdiv district.
• Production area: 35385 m2;
• Built-up area: 9 660 m2;
• Number of workers and employees: 150;
The company is equipped with a wide range of machine tools and metal working machines:
• Machines for laser and plasma arc cutting, guillotines, hydraulic and electro-mechanical presses, etc.;
• Lathes and three-coordinate processing centres with CNC control;
• Welding machinery for stainless steel, carbon steel, and non ferrous metals in protected gas environment;

The company offers: designing, construction and manufacturing of complex equipment for plants in the food industry.

Contact info
Vedrare, Karlovo, Street 12 No. 1, 4364, Bugarska
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